Shailee Crafts is a handmade crafts manufacturing company. Improvising traditional Nepalese techniques in producing crafts, it has been applying modern emerging principles in designing buttons, souvenirs, bespoke eye frames and various other ethical fashion accessories.  Shailee Crafts envisions an ideal workspace with all the technological amenities and ergonomic workspace where passionate people come together to create products for people all round the world.

Success and Shailesh grew up in their father’s small handicrafts workshop. Their father used to make small lockets, beads and an array of hippie driven curio products.  This fascinated them and opened a new dimension in their lives giving them an obsession with arts, crafts and the ideas of sub – cultures around the world. The brothers were introduced to various shapes, symbols, ideas, images of the world they were living in which would later be translated into various products in the form of buttons, jewelry and art pieces.

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Shailee Crafts is focused on empowering the lives of craftsmen, finding dexterous people and providing them jobs along with valuing their skills.  Unlike many other companies the brothers are very focused on their human resources and do not discriminate, hiring those who have a basic working understanding of hand held tools.  Shailee Crafts pays fair wages and salaries to it workers and involves them in the planning and production process.




Improvising traditional Nepalese techniques in producing crafts,